About Roasted

Roasted is a trendy fast casual spot in the heart of Downtown Stamford serving up incredible food and drinks.

We start with our namesake; a selection of meats, veggies and tofu that are roasted, cured, brined, smoked, or grilled in-house. These roasts then become the center of attention in a hearty build-it-yourself meal. They can be matched with any one of our 3 different house-made breads, atop a fresh salad, over a fluffy quinoa bowl, with creamy mac-n-cheese, or piled up on crispy house cut fries.

The build-it-yourself concept doesn’t stop there! After deciding on how the roasted meat or veg will be served, an expertly crafted topping combination is chosen to round out the meal. Pair it with any of our side dishes such as a made-to-order quinoa or pasta salad and one of our amazing cocktails, glass of wine or cold craft beer on draft and you've just found your new favorite spot!

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